Harriet Tubman Tea Towel

Harriet Tubman Tea Towel

Radical Tea Towel North America

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Harriet Tubman,born Araminta Ross,(1822-1913),was an American abolitionist and political activist. Born into slavery, Tubman escaped and subsequently made some thirteen missions to rescue approximately seventy enslaved people, family, and friends, using the network of antislavery activists and safe houses known as the Underground Railroad. She later helped abolitionist John Brown recruit men for his raid on Harpers Ferry. During the American, Civil War she served as an armed scout and spy for the US Army. In her later years, Tubman was an activist in the struggle for women's suffrage. A biographical film about Harriet Tubman, "Harriet", directed by Kasi Lemmons, is due to be released in the US on 1st November 2019.
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Let's Honor the Women Who Fought for Our Right to VOTE.

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